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I have a Savage 312 o/u. It was made in Italy. I can't find anything about it at Savage Arms website.
Can anyone help me ? Is this gun o.k. for sporting clays.

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I found out a little more.

Jack Lewis's book "The Gun Digest Book pf Sporting Clays" (dtd 1991) caontains a reference to the gun and a photo on page 61.

The book states:"Savage is marketing an over/under 12-gauge sporting clays gun called the Model 312. It has twenty-eight inch barrels and interchangeable chokes"

The Photo caption states: "When savage Arms reorganized and began new production, one of the first guns in the line was the M312 Sporting Clays."

Does anyone know when and why Savage reorganized?

Does anyone know anything else about this gun?
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