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Savage O/U Model 330

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Hello all,

A friend of mine has a Savage O/U Model 330 20ga. It says it was made in Finland.
It is chambered for 3" shells
Top barrel is Modified
Bottom barrel is IC

I am looking to get a possible year of manufacture and an approximate cost. I have the serial number if it is needed to get a better estimate.

It is in good shape. I know Savage did not really make "FINE" firearms (please note I take back this comment about Savage not making "FINE" firearms as I have done some research on my own and have discovered that they have made some or have had some made for them that are right up there with the high end firearms) but this one seems pretty nice for what it is and it appeals to me.

Any information about this gun would be much appreciated.
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Don't worry about Savage quality. Savage did not make your gun. It was made by Valmet in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Valmet went out of business in 1989 and was taken over by Tikka in 1990. The M330 was imported by Savage from 1969 until 1980. They were offered in 12 & 20 gauge.

I am not sure what they cost or what the MSR was. A nice used 20ga M330 will sell in the $500-$700 range in my area. They are soild boxlock O/Us but parts may be a problem.
Thanks A5,

A friend of mine has it so I think I will pick it up from him fairly cheap. My main is my Verona 692G 12ga, I was looking at this M330 in 20ga for my sons to start off using.
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