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Can you tell me the value of a Savage model 24, .22LR/410 over under shotgun? Has new stock. Blueing is degraded.

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Hello Djf,
Here's the base model info. There were 9 or 10 other variations of the Model 24. If you can provide some more detail maybe we can narrow it down.

- .22 LR over .410 bore, open rifle sight, visible hammer, break open, plain pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1950-65.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$160 $130 $110 $100 $85 $70 $55

This model featured top lever opening, except on the Models 24S and 24MS.
Jay Gentry

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Book values are pretty outdated on the low side, according to prices on the Internet auction boards and at gun shows in the Upper Midwest. Depending on condition, I see the Model 24 (.22 over .410) Savage and sister Stevens guns (Model .22-.410) going from a low of about $175 in pretty weak condition to as much as $400 in excellent condition, with a "typical" price being between $225 and $300. Cheaper guns are rare, and ones priced higher often don't sell. If you can find one in 100% condition for $160, grab it in a heartbeat and don't look back. The best one I saw at last season's shows (maybe about 98%) went for $395 in less than half an hour without a blink.
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