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Scope for Benelli Nova

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Just put a few rifled slugs throught the Nova. Not too shabby. Only target was 100 yards. I managed to keep all five within 26" with no rest, stock bead sight, below zero temps, and bad eyesight. :D I'd like to put a scope on it to see how accurate I can get. Any recommendations?

Have no fear, I don't plan on hunting out at 100 yards with it. I don't hunt....yet, and besides, I have other tools for that. I just like to see how far I can shoot accurately.

I've seen the scope mount from B-Square. How well does it work? Would you recommend it or something else?
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I used to use a saddle mount (which I think all the B-Squares are) on a Remington 870 and one needed to remove the mount to see the front bead. I have used the regular (cheap, under $50) Tascos, Simmons, Bushnells, etc. but find the internals go to hell rather quickly from the heavy recoil of slugs. I currently have a Simmons shotgun scope on a Beretta 390 which has survived about 500 slugs so far. The others seemed to let go any place from 100-300 slugs. This may not be a fair comparison as the 390 is a gas operated semi-auto to which I have added recoil reducers front and back but it does shoot nice. Expect to pay at least $100 for a scope that can withstand numerous firings of slugs, closer to $200 may be more like it. If you are diligent in searching, you may be able to pick up a good deal, my current Simmons was $30 at a closeout, normal price was $89 three years ago. I have not used a RedDot on mine but the more expensive ones used on competition handguns may survive; the cheap ones, maybe not. I think any firearm that shoots a single projectile should have an appropriate optical sight on it as one is much more accurate so equipped. The only guns I own without a scope or Reddot type sight is one of my carry pistols and my muzzleloader.
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The recoil reducer will reduce the felt recoil some due to the added weight. I have a couple for my 390 and use them for targets, waterfowl, and especially slugs. Try yours and see what you think.
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