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Scope for Benelli Nova

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Just put a few rifled slugs throught the Nova. Not too shabby. Only target was 100 yards. I managed to keep all five within 26" with no rest, stock bead sight, below zero temps, and bad eyesight. :D I'd like to put a scope on it to see how accurate I can get. Any recommendations?

Have no fear, I don't plan on hunting out at 100 yards with it. I don't hunt....yet, and besides, I have other tools for that. I just like to see how far I can shoot accurately.

I've seen the scope mount from B-Square. How well does it work? Would you recommend it or something else?
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I've got a 3x9x40 bushnell on my slug gun. It's fun to go out to the range and launch mortars at 250 yards. I'd never shoot game at that distance but it is fun to shoot.

Only problem with launching slugs for fun is, it's an expensive day at the range. Even cheapie sabot slugs are 4-6 dollars a box of 5 shells.

Like shooting clays with Hevi-shot.
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