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Scope for Benelli Nova

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Just put a few rifled slugs throught the Nova. Not too shabby. Only target was 100 yards. I managed to keep all five within 26" with no rest, stock bead sight, below zero temps, and bad eyesight. :D I'd like to put a scope on it to see how accurate I can get. Any recommendations?

Have no fear, I don't plan on hunting out at 100 yards with it. I don't hunt....yet, and besides, I have other tools for that. I just like to see how far I can shoot accurately.

I've seen the scope mount from B-Square. How well does it work? Would you recommend it or something else?
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I'd put a fixed-power scope on a shotgun. Part of that internal works that can be hosed-up is the zoom mechanism. Also, lower magnification is to be preferred due to the limited range of a slug. 4X used to be considered the field standard, with 6X being reserved for antelope rifles.

Just something to keep in mind. They DID kill game back then, you know....
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