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scope mounts and scope? which is best to buy? help!

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need some help on choosing a scope and scope mount for my 870 express super mag. plan on doing turkey in the spring. any good recomends on a scope would be appreciated. I am looking at a tasco mount... should i avoid these?
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jlp smacked it square on the noggin...

Start with a B-Square mount (very nice stuff) and a Bushnell scope.

A B-Square mount for the 870/870 Express is priced as follows in Cabela's:
Black -$39.99 Mossy Oak - $49.99
They come complete with 1" rings.

Simmons offers a really cool turkey scope with a "Pro-Diamond" reticle. Cabela's pricing is as follows:
2x32mm Matte Black - $74.99
4x32mm Matte Black - $79.99
1.5-5x32mm Matte Black - $104.99
1.5-5x32mm Realtree Camo - $79.99 (not sure wh this is cheaper)

If Bushnell is the direction you prefer, they offer a "Circle-X" reticle that would work wonderfully for turkeys.
Sportsman 1.5-4.5x32mm Camo - $69.99
Trophy 1.75-4x32mm Matte - $99.99
Trophy 1.75-4x32mm Camo - $119.99

Good luck in your quest, and let us know how it turns out! :)
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