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screw in choke system myth or fact?

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I wrote the Segment on the JC Higgins Model 20, and I have a question about screw in choke systems. Ok, I have a fixed Full Choke Barrel and I was told it is possible to have a screw in choke system installed. Now I heard somethings about these about different chokes. Hopefully you can help me with them

When using a full choke tube, don't use anything smaller than 4 shot or it will blow the tube out of the gun, fact or myth?

Shooting a slug through a mod. tube will blow it out, fact or myth?

Never, by any means, use buckshots through anything with a screw in choke system, fact or myth?

When deer hunting, I have heard that when using an imp. cylinder choke that a slug can blow the choke tube out of the end of the gun, fact or myth?

When deer hunting, I was told that one thing you can do is shoot without even putting a choke tube in the end of it and it will work just as well as having a Imp. Cylinder Tube, fact or myth?

I am wanting to know the facts before I get anything done to my shotgun, or if possible, should I swap with my Poly Choke?
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1. Some fixed choke barrels can have screw in chokes installed.
2. You can shoot any size shot you want out of a full choke and it won't blow the choke out.
3. A slug shot through a mod. barrel won't blow the choke out.
4. Buckshot will or won't mess something up depending on how tight the choke is. Everything but a turkey choke should be alright.
5. Imp. cyl won't hurt anything when shooting slugs,in fact it is one of the best chokes to have for shooting slugs depending on the gun you use.
6. Always have a choke in the barrel when you are shooting, the gun won't blow up or anything but it is hard on the choke threads in the barrel.

I hope that solved you problems.
I mean I have a Sears and Roebuck Model 200 12 ga. with a Poly Choke and a friend of mine wants to buy it, but he wants to take out the poly choke and put in screw in chokes, can the poly choke be taken out of my sears and roebuck and put in my JC Higgins? Is this possible? Just wanting to know the facts and possible prices of things. I would love to have a poly choke on this, but I don't know if I can being as it is a fixed full choke barrel. I hope this is so
Thank you Kildux, that was very helpful, so you think that the screw in system is great? I am just afraid it won't fit in this old JC Higgins barrel. I hope so, after all, it is only full choked for the last 1-4 inches of the barrel isn't it? so they bore it out for the threads?
To be honest with you to switch to the screw in choke system is really more trouble than it is worth. It might be a good idea to sell the gun and buy a mossy 500. The mossy and the J.C. are are very similar in design and function and are both good guns. You might also think about just getting the deluxe version of the model 20 which has screw in chokes.

Good luck in all of your exploits.
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