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Q: i have a sears and roebuck 12 g over and under shotgun
the model # is 281.512650 it was made in italy by antonio zoli & co i would like to know what is is worth its in very good shape.

A: Zoli model, none of my crossreferences give that. However there seem to be two basic price ranges for the seven models I have listed $500 and down and $1500 plus or minus and down.

Understand this is purely conjecture at this stage but I "think" Sears ran with the lower grade models which should put it at about $325 -$375 in the condition you describe.

If you feel it's the higher grade or you can find the Zoli model number we can go from there.

Here's Zoli's site and their contact info [email protected] they might have the answers you need

Q: where can i look for the other #s ? and what might they start with i took the barrel off and seen a xx9 on it and a cam76and a 584 also the s# is 92656 any help thank you...
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