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Elmer Fudd said:
I called the dealer and offered him $250. He accepted. It is a pretty gun with a good finish. It looks like it just came out of the box new. He said he bought it at an estate sale.

Than you for your advice. The variable choke device was the only holdback. I have read that they work as well as the other type chokes. I will not be using it much but it is nice to have.
Is it the Ted Williams Model 300? If so, I used to own the pump action version, the TW M200. Both guns were private labeled for Sears by Winchester. The pumps were based upon M1200s, while the autos were based upon M1400s. There were minor differences in stocks and receiver profiles between the Winchester and Sears branded guns - but the guns were basically Winchesters.

None of them are worth much today, but they are simple, functional guns.

My Sears pump also had the factory variable choke. It looked more like the old Lyman adjustable chokes, rather than the more popular PolyChoke brand. Regardless, it gave excellent results. Be sure to remove the choke and thoroughly clean the "fingers" on the end of the barrel to make sure it continues to function correctly. If too much grit accumulates in the "fingers", you may not get the choke constriction you desire.
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