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Sears Sport load is the head stamp
Paper case 12 gauge shells marked on the side as
Target load
3 - 1/8

crimp is 6 points

when did these stop being produced? some time in the 1960s I would guess.
They look very similar to recent Federal paper shells that I have.

I do not have the box for them, just have the shells which look very good.
I have only seen boxes from the 1960s for plastic shells on ebay.
Ted Williams name is often mentioned in my searches.

Anyone got a picture of the box so I can see what they might have looked liked when they were being sold?

I have researched some but so far I have not seen the box they came in.


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Federal Cartridge Co. loaded shotgun shells for Sears with the SPORTLOAD designation for decades, likewise with the REVELATION name for Western Auto, RED HEAD or later HAWTHORNE for Montgomery Ward and the HOLIDAY name for Holiday Stores. Here is one box style they used with the J.C. Higgins SPORTLOAD --

Later they went to Sears SPORTLOAD --

Here are the headstamps --

The J.C. Higgins shells in my accumulation are roll-crimped while the Sears ar pie crimped.

The later plastic shell SPORTLOAD box I have is more of an orange color but similar in style to the Sears SPORTLOAD box.

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My Sears head stamps do look like the one on the left and are pie crimped paper.

When I first got them I assumed they were federal gold medals.
And then I noticed the Sears head stamp and color is somewhat different.
They are still good looking shells.

Thanks for the information and picture.
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