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Sears/Ted Williams
model 66

Q It was purchased in the mid 60's. It is in new condition.
It is a model 66 auto-loading 12 ga shotgun. ID # 583.606
U.S. Pat No 29091C1.
It is a semi-automatic shotgun with an adjustable choke.

Q Your shotgun was made by High Standard. Their model was called the Supermatic Deluxe and was the models C1200 and C1211. This model was made between 1961 and 1966. Value is up to $260, depending upon condition.


Q I am searching for some information on an old Sears and Roebuck shotgun,
It is a 12 gauge ,3 inch choke model number 101.51206 If you have any
information I would appreciate it
A It's actually a Savage Model 94, which is actually a Stevens Model 94. It describes a single shot breakopen, open hammer, and 6 1/4 lbs. Manufactured 1929 - Disc. Does this sound like yours? If so...
100% 95%
$95 $75

model 200

Q I have a ted william 20 model 200 I am interested to get as much info on this gun as possible and on Ted Williams Who is he?

{b] A [/b] you have a Winchester 1200 in reality. Except it's not as valuable because of the Sears name on it.Ted Williams was a big shot baseball player, ons of info can be found on him using the search engine of your choice.

model 300

Q I am curious about this gun. It is a 20 gauge shotgun and is a model 300. It has a 2.75" chamber and has a variable choke. It was distributed through Sears Roebuck but is a Winchester. The serial number is Q81088. It has Mr. Williams' signature engraved on the gun. Can you please tell me when this gun was produced and what it's value may be.

A You have a Winchester 1400 in reality

Model 400

Q The numbers on my ted williams 20ga. o/u mod.400 and has a 3 in.cham. and has # 273,12710-o-full.u-mod. also says made in japan. i was under the impression that t.williams were made by win.and were sold by sears .....any info would be appr. ,,,,,such as when it was made and its worth

A the Winchester o/u shotguns were made in Japan until around the end of '87 Sears didn't use Win. exclusively, they dealt with anyone who would bid low eenough on the fiearm they wanted, sometimes this included building a gun to their specs. with cheaper wood, a lower quality finish, basically anything to lower the bottom line.
All Win 101's were manufactured for Olin Corp. at it's Olin-Kodensha facility in Tochigi Japan.
Interesting note, when Olin discontinued production of the 101 in '87 it was picked up by Classic Doubles and imported until 1990.

model# 282.510840.

Q I've been racking my brain out trying to find out just who made an old shotgun of mine. Its a Sears,Roebuck Ted Williams .410; model# 282.510840. This shotgun has been handed down to me from my brother and needless to say it needs a little attention. If anybody knows any good sites where I can get info on this gun and maybe order a new stock for it, it would be greatly appreciated!

A I believe it was Boito (Brazilian) that made your gun.
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