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I have been following the new instruction in Europe as it concerns international skeet shooting, low-gun, clay traveling at 60 mph.

The Europeans keep making the game tougher so now they shoot doubles from station 4 at 60 mph. In order to do this, i.e., shoot the double, they have to break the high house 7 meters before the central stake!!

Can you imagine a low-gun mount, and shoot the clay in .65 seconds 21 feet before the central stake?

To put in bluntly, we are talking about EXTREME skeet shooting techniques, and I have always felt that truth of execution lies in the extremes.

One of the ideas that I thought might make an interesting post is that the Europeans are not interested in watching the clay come out of the building. First, it can cause error, because the building is fixed, and the clay coming out of the fixed building at 60 mph gives it the appearance that it is flying faster than it is actually flying.

The Europeans just want to know that Elvis left the building, and they can do this by sight or sound of the throwing machine. The initial sighting is a clue to take action, and nothing more...they don't try to focus on the clay at that fast speed and follow it down the course, as we are taught in American skeet.

What the Europeans do is to create a control zone and they take the barrel of the gun immediately to the control zone, where they know the clay will be, establish a sight picture for the lead and pull the trigger in .65.

I like that idea of sighting the clay as an initiation signal to take action, and just take the barrel to the shooting position.

Let me know if it works for you.
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