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I am aware of only one youth model o/u, the Fabarm Super Light Lion Cub (Youth) Model . The cost of the over and unders is such that most youth models are either single shot, pump, or an auto.

The Remington 870 is a standard youth model pump and there is Beretta that has the AL390 Youth Model which has been specifically designed to offer young shooters all the features that make the standard AL390 such a favorite among hunters. The light, 20 gauge gun is specially proportioned for smaller bodies. Featuring a 13.5 inch length of pull and 24 inch barrel, these dimensions help provide the better balance and reduced felt recoil that make the AL390 Youth Model the perfect way to introduce new shooters to the sport. The self-compensating gas system delivers all-load versatility in the field. Beretta's exclusive Mobilchoke® system comes standard.

If you pick a standard 20 ga and have it tubed for 28ga or find a standard 28ga both may need stock work to get them to fit you, but either would be suitable for chasing quail.

You may check with your local dealer to see if the Fabarm is still available. ... meset.html
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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