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KJB above offers wome very good advice. You are also progressing in a direction all new shooters should travel when buying their first gun.

To come close to correctly fitting you, you will need a gun that isn't too heavy to handle with your forward arm and one that has a stock with reduced length, a comb (top surface of the stock) at the correct height so you can correctly look along the rib with adequate pressure of your cheek to assist your head's remaining in place during swings to targets, a grip that allows you to pull relatively straight back on the trigger without the need to slide your hand up along the wrist of the grip, and one that has the correct pitch (angle of the recoil pad relative to the barrel) so that the bottom (toe) of the pad doesn't dig into your chest during recoil.

A youth stock will come closer to fitting you than will a stock designed for a man. It is well worth the effort getting a gun with a stock that at least comes close to fitting you even though the pitch may still need correcting. With a well fitting stock, felt recoil will be reduced and along with a correct shooting form (stance/foot positions, body posture, gun mount), it will allow you to improve much more rapidly.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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