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Shoot a 12 ga for one season and you will be 5'1" tall!!

A 20 ***** over/under would work, but you still have problems. My guess is that you have, what, a 13.25 LOP? So you have two heavy barrels hanging out the front with a 13 inch stock. This is a problem. However, let me say this. Somebody else will have already tried this, and there are tons, and I do mean tons of 26 inch o/u on the market, and if it has a 13 inch stock on the gun you will buy the gun CHEAPLY.

The perfect solution for you lies with any gun and a Wiman New American stock for women. This stock has a 3 inch drop to heel with a parallel comb, and it would be PERFECT for you, and you could custom finish the gun to make it just right. The price really is isn't bad considering the benefit. Send Wiman a note and see if he has sold one to somebody in your neighborhood in the New American Women.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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