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Those are imported Czech shotshells, which I assume use straight-walled hulls, basically the same as Federals. Therefore, you should be able to use Federal recipes.

Lyman's Shotshell Reloading Handbook, 5th Edition, lists two loads using Federal hulls and W296:

SHOT: 1/2 oz.
POWDER: 14 gr. W296
PRIMER: Federal 209A
WAD: Federal 410SC
VELOCITY: 1180 fps
PRESSURE: 9,100 psi

SHOT: 1/2 oz.
POWDER: 14 gr. W296
VELOCITY: 1165 fps
PRESSURE: 8,000 psi

Those velocities are pathetically anemic for the .410, and the pressures are well below the SAAMI 12,500 psi maximum.

Personally, I'd use 15 gr. of W296 (maybe even 15.5 gr.) and Claybuster's CB5050-410HS wad, which would be much cheaper than either of the listed Winchesters or Federals.

I'd use either Fiocchi or NobelSport primers, but that's because I've got many thousands of them.

Your W209 primers should work perfectly well.

I see no way you could possibly exceed maximum pressure with that load, or even approach it.

I should add, however, that I've never used those hulls nor even seen one, but so far as I know all European hulls are straight-walled and very similar to Federals.

Maybe someone else around here has some actual experience with them.
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