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I currently have a Remington 870 and next year I will be shooting compition skeet and sporting clays. The guns I'm looking at are the Benelli Montfeltro and M 1 feild.I'm also looking at the Beretta AL391 Urika. And last but not least the Remington 1100 which I like best. I want to know the quality of all of these and reliability. My price limit is $600. I'd like to buy new. I almost forgot, I want a 20 gauge.
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All good guns. The Benelli's are considered more field guns. They are extremely reliable because the operate on recoil which means you will get more kick than a gas gun (the beretta and remington). The beretta you will have to clean less frequently but more in depth vs. the 1100 cleaning more frequent less in depth. If you like the 1100 the best than get it.
I love the 1100 but I can't get it till spring. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
The 1100 is a great classic auto, if it fits you best and you like it, then I don't think you will be disappointed with your choice. The M1 field is a fantastic field gun, all of them that I've had experience with were rock solid reliable when using the loads it was designed for.
Can't comment much on the 391, but my buddy with a Beretta 390 has always had good luck with his.

Bottom line, you won't go wrong with any of the 3 guns. For your budget and intended use, the 1100 should suit just fine if that's the one you like the best. Just keep it clean and it will work well for you.

don't buy the 1100 buy the 11-87. The two guns look identical but the 11-87 will shoot the 3"shells. i owned a 20 gauge 1100 for a while and i sold it because it didn't shoot the 3" shells. i currently own a 20 gauge m1 benelli. i like remingtons though, that 1100 never gave me any trouble. i put thousands of rounds through it.
I have a 391 and I can say it's been nothing but a great shooter. Thashooter's right about cleaning it, though, you have to set aside a good chunk of time and a whole stack of cotton patches :D

Which of the guns you mentioned seems to fit you the best?
Well I don't know about the rest of you guys but around here with a price limit of $600 even used, his only choice is a remington. I would agree with bird that if you plan to use this for hunting at some point than a 11/87 would be the one to go with, $599 at wal-mart in 20ga for the premier. If this is a clays ONLY gun then the 1100 sporting in 20ga would suite the situation best. ... pr20ga.htm
Sure, John...tell me I was stupid for turning down the Beretta...maybe I turned down the Beretta because I am supposed to buy a Remington 11-87...hmmmm??? :roll: :wink: :D 8)
Guest: If you contact me, we have a brand-new, synthetic, Beretta 20 *****, 390, that we fired exactly 100 shots through on testing. It is a magnificent gun, comes in the original box, and I'll even clean it before shipping...$475. Anybody else interested let me know at [email protected].
I'd recommend the 1100 on a 12 ga receiver (not an 1100); they shoot well, and the gas action plus the weight of the gun will help to absorb the recoil you'll get shooting a lot of rounds close together.

Put a good recoil pad on it, and you'll be able to put a lot of rounds down range with minimal discomfort.
What's with these 9 and 10 year old posts all over the place?
Johnson02 said:
When I submitted the post and it told me that my user name was already taken, I should have known I was acting like a buck private in the NCO club. When I submit this one I'll see what they call me now. :oops:
This 1-day old new member, Johnson02, has been copying or "stealing" (Yes, Johnson02, I'm calling you out) statements from old threads which were stated by other SGW members years ago, and Johnson02 then pastes these "unrelated" statements onto other random, old threads again, which they don't even make any sense to the nature of each topic thread.

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FlamingoArms said:
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Wait, is it the duck season yet?! :D
Haha! I got a chuckle out of the one. :lol: Thanks Flamingo!
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