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set to inherit shotgun made by WALTERS AND SON

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I am set to inherate a shotgun which was manufactured by walters and son. It has a serial #11048 stampted on the under side of the barrels. It is double barrelled hammer has also been stamped "laminated steel" and"choke bored". Could someone please provide any info possible regarding this piece.
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thanks for the info. You sure know your stuff.It does have an oval with 'ELG' stampted insine. It does have the crown over top of the oval. also is a diamond with20c stampted inside. above this is stampted either the letter I or L or possiblly the #1. above that is the letter H and yet above that is stampted with a star. Do all these symbols have meaning? And if so what do they mean. any other info and values would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for your research. you certainly deserve a horse for your work.
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