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Setback and pellet deformation

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For those that dont know, setback occurs when the powder charge is ignited and the wad is pushed into the shot, since the pellets in a target load are lead they can be deformed into all sorts of odd shapes as they are mashed together.

I was wandering around past the trap house looking for some wads from some 1oz loads that I had tried and found a Rem fig 8 style wad that still had pellets embedded in it. The 2-3 that were in the base of the wad were very angular and misshapen. This could have been a factory handicap or someones hot reload but either way the shooter lost some of the pellets in the wad and if those were representative of the rest of the shot charge there is no telling what the pattern would look like.

I had decided to try some 1oz loads in the 1125-1150fps range and was very pleased with the results, both with the targets breaking just as well as a 1-1/8th oz 1200fps load and with significantly less recoil. I broke 23,21,24,23 in the first 100 which is an increase of about 8-10 targets over the last 2 weeks shooting. I also tried Titewad powder and I feel it is as good as the Clays or International Clays with the reduced cost and a drop of about 3gr less of powder per shell.

TITEWAD™ Through advanced technology, Hodgdon Powder Co. has produced a superior flattened spherical shotgun powder. Unlike spherical propellants in the past, TITEWAD features low charge weights, mild muzzle report, minimum recoil and reduced residue for optimum ballistic performance. This outstanding propellant designed for 12 gauge only, meters superbly and is ideal for 7/8, 1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads. As the name implies, "a little goes a long way!"

and if you would like to take a look at what the technoid has to say relative to shotstrings etc... ... tring.html
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Very True! Setback( the faster the burnrate of the powder, the worse it is), soft shot, and heavy charges are the real problem. Testing proved at the factory that the 2 3/4 dram-1 1/8 12 gauge load skeet load deformed less shot than the 3 dram-1 1/8 load...all things being equal. Shot was recoverd in styrofoam blocks. Even if the bagged shot that says "Hard Shot" it is still too soft.....The shot used in WW trap loads have up to 7% antimony! More than factory Skeet shells. Lots of times people think copperplate and nickel plate shot are harder....but, if soft shot was used under the plate, there is still shot deformation. Antimony is cheaper in Europe and many times the shot in their shells are much harder than loads put together in the States. Lawrence "Magnum" shot (in all sizes) and Ballistic Products plated shot (copper and nickel) have proven time and time again to be best. Best Regards, James
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