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My biggest reloading failure was reloading for all four skeet gauges.

That's not necessary. Pick two and those will be your practice gauges and constitute 90% of your skeet ammo consumption. Which two gauges to load? If you use your 20 gauge for 12 and Doubles as well as for 20 gauge, that would be an obvious choice. If you are good enough to shoot a considerable amount of practice with 410, then the 410 would be the other gauge to load.

Hey, I know, paying for 28 gauge ammo is painful, but honestly, how much do you need to shoot 28 gauge if you have 20 gauge (and 3/4 oz reloads) and 410s available?

If one was going to make a bold decision and just load one gauge, it would be 28. Use the 28 for your skeet practice and for 28 and 20 gauge registered skeet. But an argument could be made for just loading the 20 in both 7/8 and 3/4 ounce loads. Limit your 410 to just registered shooting...then sell the empties. 12 gauge? New 12 gauge is cheap and the promo grade is well beyond good enough for skeet.

An argument in this age of ammo shortages can be made for reloading all four because of availability.....but....can you buy primers?.....and powder?
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