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Hey every one I'd like to share this with you it was written by my nephew TONY.


November 15th, opening day of firearm hunting season. Excited and anxious I wait for my large buck to appear with its Dark Brown fur, black eyes and an over sized rack of antlers. The cold, crisp fresh air of the november winds shocks my lungs with every breath. Squirrels wrestle in the leaves and the crash of stampeding deer cause my heart to race with an over powering sence of urgency. I raise my gun and await my chance. My teeth chatter and my hands tremble with every second i wait. I soon see my trophy buck. His loud grunts and heavy walking makes me belive he's tremendious. I set my sights and get ready. He enters my shooting lane and he is bigger than expected. A 12 point buck, approximately 200 pounds with a "spread like a pair of tree branchs." I take my shot. Its a direct hit, penetrating his left lung. A few steps and he collapses to his knees in a thudding crash on the fall leaves of the forest. I approach my game with slight caution. The leaves are soon a color or crimson red. He's dead,Happy with the days outcome I slowly pull my 200 pound monster buck behind me back to my truck. It's been a long journey but my buck was well worth the wait.

When i first read this i was all shackey hope you guys get out of it what I did.

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