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Thought I posted a reply to this one, but it seems to have disappeared.

I've tried a few catchers and deflectors, but not all of them. Here's my .02:

Carey makes a deflector only piece that attaches to your receiver with adhesive. It uses an adjustable screw to knock the spent shells either close to your feet or just off to the side (nowhere near the shooter to your side).

I have a Beretta 391 Trap and I'm using the combination Carey Bolt closer and shell deflector. I don't use the shell catcher insert, but it's there if I ever need it. Works great. It's a breeze to load shells (no fidgeting).

I don't care for the T&S catcher. It's hard on your receiver finish and you have to fidget around with you shell when you are loading. Personally, I want to think about breaking the target, not furiously working to get that one difficult shell inserted.

Some shooters have had a gunsmith manufacture a piece of metal that protrudes from the receiver a bit to deflect shells. I just didn't want to make that modification without being first able to evaluate the results.

Jeff G.
Olathe, KS
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