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1. Good Shooting glasses (interchangable lenses are great for different light conditions)

2. Hearing protection

3. Choke tubes (if your gun is so equipped)

4. Prewritten list of excuses for missed targets

5. Bore snake to field clean your barrel

6. Can of remoil (Uses many and varied)

7. Hull bag or Shooting vest with integral bag

8. Bar of soap (for mouth after cursing fit from missed targets)

There are a few other things that someone else would recommend, but this is my standard kit. :lol: ---AFG

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mtaylor said:
11. Emergency contact information
Excellent point!

Some additional things I carry are:

- Extra O-rings for my semi-auto Remington
- Lens cleaner & small microfiber cloth to clean glasses
- Extra Trap & Skeet score sheets, along with a pen
- Lead Remover & Polishing Cloth
- Small spray can of Remington "Brite Bore" to aid the boresnake in quick field cleaning.
- S&S shell catcher (when not on the gun)
- Extra set of headphones & glasses for guests
- Silicone-treated gun sock for quick coverups
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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