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shooting clays on my own?

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hi all, i was just at the local sporting goods store and saw a box of 90 remington targets for $4. i've only shot 1 round of trap ever, and i'd definitely like to continue doing so, but considering the cost of rounds and membership fees to gun clubs etc, i could have a comparably good time just going out with a clay thrower and a box of those targets with my buddies on the weekends or so. i guess its sorta like the difference between just going to the park and shooting jumpshots on the basketball court versus going to the rec center and playing real basketball. however, i dont really know where i could just shoot clay by myself... do i have to have acres and acres of my own property to do it on or are there typical places i can go that are desigend for exactly what i had in mind? thanks
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I'm all with you, I live in suburbia on .25 of an acre and throw them off the back deck, sure sometimes the neighbor behind me complains when the shot hits their house but hey I am saving $3 around over the $4.00 my gun club charges!

Seriously, check out your state's park system. Here in Ohio there are places where you can throw and shoot your own clays for free in the state parks.
You may be saving $3 per round, but wait until your neighbor decides to have an environmental impact study done on his land and then sues you for the $250,000 cleanup fee for dumping lead on his land. :p
I think (hope) he was kidding, based on the "Seriously, " comment.

He'd probably be in as much, and much more immediate trouble touching off his shotgun on his 1/4 acre in "suburbia" as he would with the environmental impact study. "Discharge of a firearm within city limits" is usually a crime with fairly serious consequences, at least to us normally law-abiding types... If it weren't I know a few crows that wouldn't be waking people up at 6am! :)

-- Sam
My friends and I throw hand trap at a local sportsmens club. They have a 100 yard range and a 3d archery range and a trap field. We go when nothing is scheduled and pretty much have theplace to our selves. its not a fancy club by any means but for less then 100 dollars a year membership dues we practice as much as we want.
For "thebigdt"
Most trap/skeet ranges have a 300 yard shotfall area for safety, and restrict you to 7-1/2 shot as the largest. Shooting what you want when you want can be dangerous and put your club at risk. Look into that. Be Safe and don't give the Anti-Gun people excuses to shut us down. V/R TonyG
To TonyG. If you look at my posting I stated that the club has a 100 yard range, a 3d archery set up and a trap field. I guess I thought everyone would assume I meant we shot our hand trap on the trap field and not at the range. I was trying to give the original poster the basic run down of a nuts and bolts sportsmans club, trying to encourage him to look into one near his location.
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