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Shooting light 12 springs in a Mag 12

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Fellows I have a new stalker magnum and doing alot of patterning and experimenting with chokes and loads.
I purchased a new light 12 spring and ended up taking out all metal spacers and only one friction piece installed(Magnum friction piece)
I am shooting 1 1/8 three dram loads and I am getting 95 percent reliability. Wonder what some of your opinions was in trading for a well used spring from a friend and if a light 12 friction piece should be used.
I want this to be my just about always gun for the rest of my life and do not want a light twelve right now. Some of you have done alot of this so I am asking for your experienced help and thanks .
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Yes, use the the light twelve spring and the light twelve friction piece. The light spring is shorter and you need that wide bronze friction piece from the light twelve to make up the difference. I shoot my mag 12 all summer on 5 stand with this set up. Enjoy.
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