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SHOOTING RANGE CLOSURE BILL INTRODUCED IN KANSAS SENATE February 10, 2003 - A bill to overturn the 2001 Range Protection Bill is moving in the Kansas Senate. This bill removes the protections that were so hard-won two years ago. Senate Bill 25 will permit ANY LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO ELIMINATE ANY SPORT SHOOTING RANGE AT THEIR WHIM. In short, it totally guts the 2001 Range Protection Bill, which became Kansas statutes 58-3222, 58-3223 and 58-3224. The bill is disguised as a minor rewording and language cleanup of the Range Protection statutes, but buried in the very last paragraph of the last section, it totally cancels all range protection by the "ordinance or resolution" of "the governing body of any local unit of government". TRANSLATION: ZERO RANGE PROTECTION IF ANY CITY OR COUNTY WANTS IT CLOSED! ALL SHOOTING RANGES ARE AT SERIOUS RISK. This bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and has had two hearings already. This bill is on the fast track, driven by Senator Vratil who is still angry that he was unable to kill the 2001 Range Protection Bill. This is the anti-gunner's revenge bill - "the Range Closure bill". Please phone, e-mail, write or visit your Senator, or any/all of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The members of the committee and how to contact them: see site for There is a fine line between hobby and insanity.
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