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Finally got a SxS - Baikal 20 210 - great gun....
I can't hit anything with it!!!! Went out yesterday....patterns friend can't miss......!!!!
I've never shot a SxS. ANY tips/hints most appreciated.....I'd like to pheasant hunt with this baby....but don't want to wound em.

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I don't shoot a sxs any differently than I shoot any other shotgun. Fit is the key factor. Since your friend shoots the Baikal well, and you're struggling, I'm guessing that you are not getting the gun to your shoulder in proper alignment. Try throwing the gun to your shoulder with your eyes closed. Then open them to check for proper alignment. If the stock dimensions just aren't right for you, you may be able to shoot the gun well with enough practice, but you'll always be battling to get the proper sight picture.

The only other thing I can think of (again, since your friend shoots the gun well, and assuming fit is ok) is that you're focusing on the gun, and not on the target. This will result in shooting under and/or behind a moving target much of the time. ( least that's what happens to me when I do it.)

good luck

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Good Morning,

Here somethings that help me and might help you. I'm not that
good with a shotgun, so I try to practice when I can.


The weather finally cooperated here in the Black Hills, and I had the day off. It was about 65 and some breeze. For some reason I just decided to go shooting. Hadn't been to the Victoria Lake Road shooting area in a while so I went there.

I took my Ruger Gold Label SxS Model KSXSS 12ga Shotgun and the trusty S&W 617 .22cal revolver.

Once I got to the Shooting Area I set up the, Clay Master clay bird thrower. Again I used Winchester Super X lead Shot Game Loads 12ga 2-3/4", 1oz, 6 shot, muzzle vel. 1290fps (Silver box) bought at K-Mart for my practice.

Since I was alone, I got to practice and concentrate on pointing the RGL SxS. Just to make sure I was pointing correctly, after some missed clay birds, I shot some of the bigger left over clay bird pieces on the ground, close and far.

I think I figured out what works best for hitting targets. I just looked down the barrel rib by bringing my cheek down a little bit more against the stock and held the bead right on the clay bird. I just started hitting every launched clay bird.

Left hand position on the barrel or a little bit of the splinter forearm, didn't matter much. Just keep the barrel rib level, bead on target, and it guaranteed a dusted clay bird.

The Ruger Gold Label SxS Model KSXSS 12ga Shotgun worked flawlessly as intended; handling is fast and natural, recoil descent for being 6-1/2 pounds, screw-in chokes intact, trigger crisp, safety/barrel select great, spent shells ejected with authority, unfired shells just lift up, break open lever actuated on each reload, lockup tight/opening action easy, no cracked stock, or forearm rattles. RGL works pretty good for not being cleaned in awhile.

Afterwards I spent some time shooting clay bird fragments with the Smith and Wesson Model 617 .22.
It was a fun afternoon with no one around. Thanks for reading another Field Test.
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