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Shot a Lanber, Very Impressed...

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So i was at the trap range today and someone had a forsale sign on their Lanber o/u. he was asking $350. Intrigued i asked to shoot it for a few rounds. im a new shooter and shot my best score with it the first round, a 23. shot it for the rest of the day and loved it. the trigger had some work done on it and its super light. i shot it better than my nova. im tempted to sell the nova and pick it up. is $350 a decent price? its in good shape, reciever and wood in great shape, barrel blueing is pretty good too. they are fixed choke, dont know what exactly tho, full and modified maybe? (seemed tight) any suggestions would be good. using it for trap and maybe sporting clays. im a poor college student and 350 for a o/u that i loved to shoot and shot well is seeming hard to pass up.

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what price would be a steal?
i really appreciate all your inputs. i too thought it would be more beneficial to do that, but i was being compulsive/impulsive because i shot it well :(. your very true, i should save up the extra dough and get the one with interchangeable chokes. is this considered one of those cheapo O/U that aint gunna last, or a good less expensive one.
thanks ;) thats what i wanted to hear. i shot the gun for three rounds today and shot a 22, 23, 22. i feel great shooting it and picked up a bird on my average scores. im also able to pick the birds up much quicker. im tempted to jump on the used one if i can get it for 300 because i only go to the trap range by my house (10 minutes) and they only have trap. i have to drive 45 minutes to a skeet field and pay 6 bux a game! havent done it yet and dont plan too.
you luck SOB! the trap field by my house that i shoot at is $4 a game and thats a good deal. thats why i intend to keep shooting trap. its close, and cheaper. plus with gas prices these days it would cost a fortune to drive my truck 60miles round trip to shoot a round or two of skeet :twisted: thanks again for the advice from before ;)
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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