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Shot a tracking bird today !!!!

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While hunting today my buddy shot a black duck with a tracking rig on it. It also had a leg band. At first when I went out to pick it up off the field it looked like a radio controled bird. It had a one foot piece of wire comming off its back very strange... Called the number on the tracking device ,they have been tracking it for a year and the study had been concluded. It was a study on black duck habitat . Pretty cool.
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wow, 2 thoughts.

Give us a picture if you have one!

Second - do they always just leave the tracking devices on the animals at the end of a study? That seems a little messed up!
I don`t think they can call the duck back in to take it off , and we did take pictures ,they will be posted on our other hunting buddys website. under hunting reports.
While obviously being in the animal's best interest, recovery of the tracking device is also in the best interest of the researcher. They're not cheap :wink:
deadpair51 said:
the study had been concluded.
Yeah I'd say its definately over now. :wink:

I've heard of radio collars on snow geese before but didn't realize they put them on ducks
AWESOME!!! Congrats on the trophy!! I think it would make a pretty cool mount! I've heard of people killing ducks with transmitters on them before, and when they report the kill, the banding agency/study usually asks for the transmitter back....One guy told them something along the lines of..."posession was .9 of the law..."
A fellow Utahn shot a pintail last year that had a leg band and transmitter. He called it in to the number on the transmitter and found out the transmitter had stopped working one month after attachment to the bird. The agency asked him to return the transmitter for repair and use on another bird. When he informed them he was going to have the bird mounted and wanted the transmitter to be included, they offered to supply a dummy transmitter for the mount. He thought (and so do I) that was a very reasonable solution to the dilemma.
Well the lab that was doing the study didn`t want the transmitter back. They said the bird was rigged up last year on Long Island ,and the study had already ended.
My friends website that will have the pictures is down right now will be back up on Monday the 17th. Sorry
The wire probably served as antenna.

Your mount is likely to resemble something from the Borg.
The batteries on those jobs are usually only good for between 30 days and three months, but I have heard of them lasting up to six months. I'm not suprised that they are putting them on blacks, although I had only heard of transmitters on swans and pintails previously (I suspect they go on almost every sort of migrator at some point if a study is being conducted). After all, if you want to shoot a banded duck, the odds are most in your favor if you try a black duck, especially on Long Island which is a real strong area for them, both historically and currently.
That would be real cool to shoot. They have been putting them on mallards for the last couple of years. I can't remember the website but you could check on the location of the ducks. They all had different names. If anybody remembers the website post it up, it was kind of neat to see.
Well the cats really out of the bag now...
Heres a link guys
And congrats on your Hot Wired Black Duck, I'm jellouse.
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