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Hi folks I have a 12 Gauge side by side. It says it is made in Hungary on the top of the barrel also on the side of the gun it says Monte carlo. It has a 28 inch barrel. Holds 2 3/4 inch shells. No other markings on the gun that I can see. Nice and light gun and feels great. I think its related to Baikal but not to sure. It has an ejector that I can take out. If anyone has heard of such an animal I would like to hear from you. Thanks George

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Monte carlo is sometimes used to describe the stock type.

Several soviet block guns could have been made in various Block countries...

Here is one hungarian makers name. Look if it appears anywhere on the gun:

Fegyver Es Gazkeszulekgyarfeg

Why do you think its related to Baikal?
here is a link to baikals, CURRENT, partners:
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