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Shot gun optics?

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I posted this on another forum, but it was suggested that I bring it here.

My 10 year old Son has an eye condition called A-chromatopsia which renders him near-sighted, very sensitive to bright light and nearly color blind. This year I started him on a .22 magnum rifle equiped with a scope. He is able to shoot accurately with the scope however, without the scope he cannot hit a pop can at 10 yards. He wears glasses which filter out bright light, however, they do not assist him much with the near-sightedness. In other words, he needs a scope to be able to shoot.

Now, he sees his older brother shooting with a shotgun and wants to try, but cannot see clay targets, nor anything past 10 yards with enough clarity to be able to hit it.

I was thinking that perhaps I could find an optic which was wide angle, wide FOV, bright with long eye relief which I could mount to a shotgun. This might allow him to shoot.

Has anyone come across this type of condition before, or have any recommendations?

Much appreciated.
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My suggestion is kind of for an ar, but it can work with a shotgun also.

You could go with an eotech holographic optic, and a magnifier for it, it will be really pricey.
At first thought I had also immediatly recalled the use of my EO Tech as a formable solution. However, in my understanding, your sons' ability to see the targets are the bigger issue vs. sighting in the weapon. At first my idea may seem crazy, but those that practice do overcome and adapt and it just may work...

A "helmet" mount system. If you are able to mount an optical sight to your sons' eye, using a shotgun, drawing the weapon to the target will be natural with practice. As long as he can see the target he needs to hit.

This exact mount may not be exactly the right mount you may need, but it is a start. Esp. with shotgun skeet/trap shooting, the ability to use natural/instincitve sighting becomes the successor.

Good Luck
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