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shot my very first trap

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I shot my very first trap Sunday using my brand new Winchester Supreme Select Sporting 30" for the very first time. I did very poorly, I only got 9 out 25 birds. The gun came factory installed improved cylinder on the lower barrel and modified on the top barrel. The range master said I should use the modified choke. I didn't have the choke wrench with me so I was shooting just the top barrel with modified choke. The ammo was 2 3/4 dr. 1 oz. #8 shots. We all shot with gun pre-mounted. I got quite a bit of face slapping by the stock. Also my shoulder was hurting from the recoil the next morning. I did not remember much face slapping or shoulder hurting when I was hunting with my Remington 870 Express Super Magnum using heavier loads. Also I got 10 birds using only 12 rounds. Trap is much harder than hunting. I must have done something wrong to score so badly. Please help.
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Welcome aboard. After a few rounds step up to sporting clays. It's the most fun you can have with a shotgun.

I disagree with the range master. If you're shooting 16 yard trap, the IC choke is fine and actually a little easier for new shooters.

heres some helpful web sites:
I'm by no means an expert, but I can offer a little of what I've learned through trial and error and error and error ... hehe ... the sore shoulder and face slapping are generally due to either a poor fittin gun or a loose grip. Make sure the fit is right. If your gun came with the spacers to adjust the drop of the stock, you might want to experiment with them. My gun fit perfectly, but I was gripping it a little loose when I started shooting, and I'd get the occasional face slapper. I remedied this by making sure I had the butt of the stock held firmly into my shoulder pocket. I also made a point to keep my face on the stock. Once I did these things, the face slapping was a thing of the past, and I can shoot a couple hundred shots on the trap field without any pain. If the fit is right, it will most likely just take a bit of practice to get accustomed to the new gun.

Hope it helps! Enjoy!
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Welcome new Winchester Supreme Select owner! I'm one, too.

Mine beat the heck out of me the first time I used it. So I put a Limbsaver recoil pad on it. Their model number 10001 is a direct fit requiring no grinding of the pad, though you will have to redrill one screw hole in the stock. It will also add about 1/2" to the length of pull, which to me was unnoticable. I now regularly shoot 125-150 rounds in a day with no discomfort. There are other pads, of course. If you decide to go with the Limbsaver, Gamaliel Shooting Supply has the best prices on them.

Gamaleil also has cheek pads which stick on to the stock. I have not tried them, as I found proper mounting (and the new recoil pad) eliminated any face slap. Also, I didn't want to stick anything to the stock of my nice, new gun.

Despite the good advice in a reply above mine, these guns don't have "spacers" between the stock and receiver. They can't, due to the way they're constructed. As I understand it, most O/Us are like this. The spacers are used on semi-autos and pumps.

As for the scores, don't worry about it. It'll come with time. It is harder than it looks. Don't expect to be an expert the first time you do it. I've been shooting mine all season and have yet to break 25 straight...

I've been using the imp. cyl. in the bottom barrel with the mod. in the top barrel for doubles. This weekend I changed to mod. in the bottom and full in the top. I have a improved modified on order, which will go in the bottom barrel when I get it, leaving the full in the top. I shoot bottom barrel for everything but doubles, due to the lower plane of recoil.

Good luck, and welcome to the sport!

-- Sam
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You took the words right out of my mouth. I was surprised that the new Winchester beat the heck out of me. With the barrel ported and light load (2 3/4 dr. 1 oz.) I was expecting softer and more enjoyable shots. My cheek bone hurt and my shoulder hurt even more. I thought the gun fits me well. I did the close eye open eye test. I closed my eye and mounted the gun and when I opened my eye I saw the two beats one right on top of another. I hold the gun tight against my shoulder and my face pressed tight again the stock. So I really don't know what else did I do wrong. The limbsaver pad sounded like a great idea except I can't afford another 1/2" longer pull, as is now I think my stock is a tad too long for me. Does anyone know of a good gunsmith who fits shotgun within an hour drive in the Bay Area San Francisco area?
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I would get the limbsaver first and see how the LOP is then bring it to a gunsmith if needed. You can cut LOP off if needed but you can't put it back on as easily.
Hope it helps :)
Keep in mind too that your gun has an adjustable trigger shoe. Mine came (and remains) adjusted as far forward as it can go (I've got long arms). If you adjust it all the way back you'll gain back another 3/8" or so.

You can honestly tell the difference in 1/2" of LOP? I can't. Maybe I'm just not as sensitive to such things, but I'd think you'd have to have pretty ingrained habits to notice the difference.

-- Sam

Congrats on the new Winchester...I had the same problem with my 28" Supreme Select.I live not to far from Brownings repair center in Arnold Mo so I took it to them after shooting mine for a few weeks.Mine was shooting extreamly high with both barrels and slapping my cheek too.Come to find out the stock didn't fit me at all because it was way too high on the comb.They replaced it at no charge and fitted a new pad on to boot,and now it not only shoots great and looks nicer,but my scores have gone from the low teens to the high 20's.Fit does really matter.Give them a call,couldn't hurt...

Good Luck

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