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We have just finished testing both the Lyman "Hourglass" and Lee "Key" slug in a 12 gauge BPS 3" with a .740" barrel. We are fortunate to have some of Federal's (now discountinued) shot cups in 1 1/4 & 1 1/2 oz size. We use only the Fiocchi hull as it is not tapered. We found the best results were with a stacked wad column.
Any wad with a wall thickness no larger than .020" will work. This gives an overall diameter of slug and wad at .725" Another method that works just as good is to try various wads, with the slug inside, that is a tight slip fit through your Improved Cylinder barrel or choke tube. We do not use the Remington wads that have the ridges inside of the wad's cup.
We also found some improvement by using 3" hull with extra Styro filler wads over using the 2 3/4" 3" chamber guns.
We found the best powder to be Alliant's Blue Dot.
In barrels that are .729"/.730" with the above slugs.....we found the old Alcan Kwik-Sert or Ballistic Products Teflon strips best in Improved Cylinder (.720") chokes.
The key to the entire project is to select a wad and slug combonation that is a tight slip fit through your I.C. Choke, no matter if it is a regular or overbore barrel. Best Regards, James
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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