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My hunting club holds turkey shoots between Nov 1 and Christmas. We don't allow anything but regular old hunting guns. If someone shows up with a specialized gun and we realize it, we don't let them shoot. If someone has a gun that wins too much, we explain the facts of life to them. Our shoots are fun and we know almost everyone. Sometimes a crook will show up with a worked over barrel but it shows up pretty quick and he is banned. Shooters won't buy a $3.00 ticket to shoot against a pro, so we try to id them but quick.

Our targets are cards at 100 ft with a dot target. Closest shot to the dot totes fresh meat. A ticket to the local grocery store and you pick your own ham or turkey.

Money shoots are very competitive. If a pro shows up with a specialized gun or a suspect gun, we don't let him shoot. We know most of the shooters but occasionally a pro trys our patience and one of the locals tends to the affair in such a manner that we never see him again.

NOW, down the road, they have year round shoots where the pros shoot against each other. That is fine. It levels the playing field. Stay down the road and don't come to our little seasonal event where we try to raise money to keep up and pay the lease on our hunting lands.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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