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Does one type of shotgun/rifle case have an advantage over another? ie. a soft case vs a hard shell case.
Obviously the hard cases protect again dings etc better but do they have disadvantages at all?

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(10/15/02 7:50:08 pm)
Re: Gun Cases
Hard case disadvantages -

1) if you get a combination case, be careful you don't accidentally position it where the button is in position to set the combination. That happened to me and it took forever for me to figure out the combo.

2) Can sometimes be bulky

Soft case disadvantages -

1) Can be like a sponge in humid climates. I'd suggest not leaving firearms in them to avoid rust. Especially if it's been rained on or soaked. Remove the firearm immediately and let it air out for at least two days.

2) Doesn't protect against accidental dings like a hard case


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(10/15/02 8:29:26 pm)
I assume theres no danger of the barrel getting bent slighty from the pressure of the gun being sandwiched between the 2 pieces of foam in a hard case is there?

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(10/15/02 8:53:18 pm)
Re: Gun Cases
I've never heard of that....heard of the oil soaking into the wood stock and causing it to go mushy.

I use a soft floating gun case for all my waterfowling guns, helps keeps the knocks and dings down and if it goes over, it has a life jacket. I have several that I rotate between, so that the insides can dry between uses, I use the wader dryer to help out with that.

I prefer a hard case for scoped rifles, offers the cushion and protection needed to keep the scope safe on the bumpy, rock stewn ride into the woods.

There is the way cool case that came with my last double, you have to break it down to make it go in the compartments....I "LOOK" like I know what I'm doing anyway. This is why I think that there is no issue with the barrel being bent by the foam, as many of the high end double guns are broken down and kept encased in really nice furniture.

Then there is the Aluminum case that I have for traveling, it has lots of egg crate foam for helping prevent the gorillas that work in baggage from busting the weapons, no garuantee with those clowns though. I had a peice of Samsonite hard luggage that they had to close the landing gear on to smash it as flat as it was when it limped around the had some airline logo'd tape wrapped around it, like I wouldn't notice the new shape!! They did replace it though.
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