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shotgun for girlfriend

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My girlfriend is taking the plunge. She just finished her hunter safety course this weekend and is now a licensed hunter (this could be dangerous :wink: ). I have been contemplating the "perfect" starter gun for her and have come up with 2 scenarios. First off she is recoil shy, and thought my 6.9lb Franchi 612 was "heavy" :lol:. I'm thinking 20 gauge due to lessened recoil than a 12, yet she won't have to be an intermediate to andvanced wingshooter as she would have to be to consistently down birds with a 28. I figure an autoloader will dampen recoil more than a stack, and she just might need that extra shot due to inexperience. This leaves me debating between a Franchi 620VS (26"...5.9lbs) or the Franchi AL 48 in 20 gauge (26"...5.7lbs). I'm not limiting the gun to a Franchi, they are just the lightest in the class, and I am very pleased with my 612.
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1100 28g
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