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I have a 20ga sxs. On left barrel is F. PEDRETTI GARDONE VT.
On the right barrel is RICHLAND ARMS CO BLISSFIELD MICM MODEL 230. Can anyone give information on this gun.

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I am learning alot by reading other listings. I took the barrels off and found the following marks:

1. Star with crossed rifles under it.
2. Star with PSF under it.
3. Star with FINITO or NITO under it.
5. Some type of bird that I can not make out.

Same markings on the Barrel with the exception of the following:

1. KG1070, 15 9, 15 9 or 15 8 (looks over stamped) an X7.

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It appears to be one of the, many, guns made by small private makers in Brescia, Italy. Its only proofed for non-magnum loads. The 15.9 is the barells diameter and 15.8 is the choke.

The x7 is possibly the date, though you need to check again since there should be a letter and not a number where the 7 is.

Its value will depend on age, quality of finish and engraving, and overall condition.

Is there a fusil special under the bird?

RICHLAND ARMS is the importer.

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Thanks dks,

The finish is great but someone broke the stock (English Style) before I bought it and glued it back together. The engraving is very nice and it shoots great. I am not sure what you mean by a fusil special. I will have to check the rest tonight since I am at work.
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