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I own a European shotgun purchased in Antwerp, Belgium in 1991. When purchased, the weapon was quoted as being pre-World War 2 manufactured in Liege, Belgium. The following are descriptors of the shotgun:
20 ***** side-by-side, full chokes, double trigger, no external hammers.
No manufacturer designation is evident.
Markings on the flat of the breech are as follows:
AJH 2103 with a trademark that is described as an oval standing on it's side with a crown on top - the letters PV are engraved in the oval with a line between the letters.
Barrels are 30" marked "159 choke 161" with a crown over a D
Serial number is same as breech, 2103, with the same AJH initials.
Flat on bottom of barrels reads" 1Kg 288" and has the same oval/crown trademark as the breech with a 20-70 designation.
Condition is excellent. Stock appears to be hand finished, hi definition "fiddleback" wood, sharp checkering, no piston grip, and no butt plate with butt of stock cross cut.
Engraving on side plates, breech, and trigger guard is sharp and fit and finish are excellent.
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