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looking for info on a shot gun i have, believed to be manufactured in the 1880's by remington arms, its a side by side dbl barrel, overall from end of barrel to butt of stock is 39 1/2 inches, the stock and fore arm are covered with a rawhide material, it has 8 brass buttons in thre rawhide on the for arm and 66 brass buttons on the stock, also on the stock there is a 2 inch brass badge with the words "Wells Fargo & Co. Bank"... this is attached to the stock by 3 brass nails, any info would be greatly appreciated.... feel free to contact me at "[email protected] " thanks

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Back in the late 1800's many guns were decorated using brass tacks in various designs by the owner, if you look in some of the antique photographs from that time period you will see all kinds of weapons with different types of designs. The rawhide cover was apparently installed by the owner to assit in grasping and holding on the forearm, but this could also be used to re-enforce a possible crack that at the time could not be fixed by modern procedures. Rawhide would be soaked in water then laid across the cracked area and secured with tack nails, then as the rawhide dried it would shrink and close the gap and re-enforce the area. I'm not sure about the brass badge but if memory serves the badge was attached to the shotgun to identify the weapon as being purchased by Wells Fargo for their security forces.
Since you do not give any specifications of the firearm it's self there is no way that I could identify the piece. I would contact a firearms collector and have him examine the gun then he should be able to give you the model and possible year of make or you could visit your local library and check out the history of Remington and it's various models.
Good luck :D
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