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Shotgun or Muzzleloader for Youth Deer Day?

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Hey all,

On November 22 I am going to go hunting for the New Jersey Youth Deer Day. What weapon of choice would you choose. A .50 Caliber Tompson Center Renegade Muzzleloader or a Remington 870 Youth Shotgun?
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Either gun will do just fine on deer. I'm a smokepole guy from waaaay back, so that'd be my choice. But, remember, that TC has a few things you need to think about while hunting. First- that Renegade is a tradtional sidelock, it has only one saftey, the one between your ears!! It has no safety as us modern-types think about them. And the half-cock postion is not a safety!!.

Second, can you live with only one shot? Can you pass on a shot you're not positive you can make? (That's something everyone needs to learn, irregardless of the gun being used and how ever many rounds it holds). You owe it to your prey. That's ethics! Something I feel is dying in our world today. But by hunting you can learn it better than most others.

And lastly, use the gun you feel most comfortable with and shoot the best. Your hunt will be better and the results good!

Good Luck!
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Hey Dale,
Thanks for the advice. After thinking about it I am not taking either. I am using my grandfather's Mossburg 12 ga. Slug Model w/ a 2.5 scope on it. WISH ME LUCK!!!
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