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shotgun pitch?

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i heard that a shotgun's pitch (which was defined to me as how much the barrel strays from a vertical line when the butt is placed on the ground) affects the amount of perceived recoil... i just added stock spacers on my mossberg 500 to raise the comb and in effect reduced the pitch to almost none. (i got the gun as a hand-me-down and when i fit it, all i saw was the rear of the receiver). as i would have it, this should reduce the recoil, right? and if that is true, it seems like every shotgun variable that reduces recoil (autoloaders, low-velocity or low weight rounds) has at least one draw-back. does lessening the pitch have one? thanks ~eric
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Pitch: the angle formed by the gun's barrel and the end of its recoil pad, often slightly less than ninety degrees. In this country pitch is measured by standing a gun on its pad with the action/receiver in contact with a vertical surface. (For a basis of comparison, a 28-inch barrel length is standard.) The gun's pitch is the distance from the end of the barrel (or at the 28-inch point) to the vertical surface. It is almost always a positive dimension.

This is from Rollin Oswald's (member) gunfitting guide.

Do a search on his name for gunfitting advise or buy his well written guide.
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