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Which older Browning Smokey? The model you shoot will greatly affect which scope you choose as you may need a long eye-relief scope. Question to ask: will it be mounted directly on top of the reciever, or will it be out on the barrel ahead of the reciever? I am going to guess it will go right on the reciever. So with that info...let's go shopping! :) The Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5X32mm goes for about $70 (Bushnell #71-1545)The Bushnell Trophy 1.75-4X32mm is designed specifically for turkey shotguns and has a cool reticle for placing on that gobbler's knob, and that goes for about $100 (Bushnell #73-1421)The Simmons Pro-Diamond series is specifically designed for shotgun uses in the turkey woods. They are as follows:#7789D 2x32mm Black Matte, ProDiamond - about $75#7790D 4x32mm Black Matte, ProDiamond - about $80#77920 1.5-5x32mm Black Matte, ProDiamond - about $110Any of these scopes would do well on a turkey gun, but let's talk mounts.Again, without knowing your model, I will have to be kind of broad with the selection, but it's fun so who cares right? :) B-Square makes a mount that will fit darn near any Browning shotgun. The list is as follows:#16205 Auto-5 - $57 (see it)#16250 BPS 12ga (3" & 3 1/2") - $57#16252 BPS 20ga - $57#16212 Gold 12 - $57#16220 Gold 20 - $ (if not all of the scope manufacturers also offer the red dot type sights you may want to consider.Simmons has one fro around $50Bushnell makes one for around $90And Cabela's offers their Pine Ridge red dot for $180Hope this helps, and let me know how it turns out! :D Mike RossLife Member, NAHCMember, National Rifle AssociationMember, Meeker Co. Historical Society
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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