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shotgun spreadin pattern?

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i am a new member of this board, and i had one question that i would really like to get the answer of. i was wonderin how much the pellets spread out, out of each type of choke. at what distance. if anyone knows the answer or knows where i can get more info on this. ur help would be appreciated. because im lookin into buying a shotgun for self defense, and i was wonderin which type is the best, for self defensse, as in spreading wise, as it will be more affective
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Well, I couldn't tell you how much a certian choke spreads at certain ranges because each choke shoots differently.

For a rough idea, a cylinder choke spreads the most, as it is no choke at all, it is used for bird hunting at VERY close range, and for slugs. A skeet or Improved cylinder choke is open as well, but it will give you more effective range. (about 20-30 yds) and a modified (30-40 yds) and full(35+)

For a defender gun, you can't beat a Winchester model 1300 defender in a 12 or 20 gauge, personally I would choose the 20 gauge, its more comfortable to shoot and it will work as good as a 12 gauge. Use a cylinder choke if you wont the most spread.
Go to and check out their lineup of chokes for close range and defense.They have some impressive patterns posted and tell what guns and loads were used.
good info, Aiken - I doubt that the original poster of the topic is still lurking the boards though.
To answere you qustion, in a house, with divided rooms, a shotgun with slugs or buckshot used on a human being will either be a hit or a miss with any choke constriction.. A hit will be extreemly devastating............ This isnt the answer to your question but some of my personal thoughts that may or may not help you.............. The biggest problem with self defence is the shooting of a family member by the protector or someone fooling around with your gun without your permision...... Most popular self defence guns are 12 ga shotguns with cyl or improved cyl chokes that will hold more than a standard amount of shells....... police usually use buckshot.............if you shoot cylinder, the most open choke, in your house a human being with buckshot in a average sized room, it will probably just about rip a human inside out where the point of impact is........ a wall in a house will not stop slugs or buckshot, people on the other side of the wall are in extreem danger............... pumps and autos are noisy to load and unload..............the noise will unerve most inturders and they will promply leave......A woman with a shotgun loading a round into the chamber in a house will unerve most men........ hardy criminals that are intent on your bodily harm will know where you are at if you have to put a round in the chamber of a noisy gun.. ... sxs are silent to load and unload if you know how to use it but only have two rounds...........a slug with improved cylinder can be effective up to 60 yards with practice,but more pennetration thru walls, people etc,,.......Our laws here state you can only shoot a person if you fear bodily harm of your self or another, but check on this in your state/country.. .. you may even need to flee your house in some countrys the gun laws are so tough... some citys i have heard would like to outlaw guns and may be unfriendly of you even using a gun for self defence......... Its darned if you do, darned if you dont...Keeping a gun loaded unlocked in a house is extreemley dangerouse, to your family, housitter, etc...... My son, against my advice keeps a loaded .44 mag in his house.......... One day his friend picked it up, cocked it and looked down the barrel.... He now hides it and his frIend likes to look for it.. :( I got my wakeup call 25 years ago when a friend of mine shot my stove,,It was my fault entirely,,...... I have never had a loaded gun in my house since......I go the noisy rattlesnake aproach to firearms in the house now.. maybe not the best way, but the safest way.. My son comes home once in a great while, once a year or more at 2 am or 4 am after a dirty day of work to take a shower..... He sneaks in not to wake us.. Now how crazy is that?... .....Dave
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Rough rule of thumb for shotguns: pattern diameter increases by about 1" for every added yard from the muzzle. So the pattern at 5 yds = 5" and 10 yds = 10" (which you can verify by shooting your gun at a peice of cardboard at these distances). Not exact, but close enough. Given the application is home defense, recommend taking a course, such as those offered by Massad Ayoob at his Lethal Force Institute or at least getting some of his books and giving them careful study. The book, "Armed Rsponse - A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Delf-Defense" by David Kenik is also excellent.
Normally spread is. Full choke is 2 1/2 feet at 30 yds. Modified is 3 feet. Improved cylinder is 4 feet. All guages. The Sporting Shotgun by ROBIN MARSHALL-BALL.
Another nice 4 YEAR OLD POST. Thanks, aiken.
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