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I have a double barrel 12 g shot gun with a side hammer. It says W Richardson on it. It is in fair condition. What is it worth?
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Are you sure it's not W. Richards? If so, it is most likely an inexpensive Belgian import c. 1900. And if your description of "Fair" is from NRA standards, the value will be next to nothing. However, if it is complete and in working condition (NRA Good or Very Good), it could go as high as $150.
to add to AHNH's post, look for an ELG possibly over a crown , if it has that it's the Belgian, if not, it could be one of four other W. Richards listed in England as gunsmiths about the same time period. Isn't there more detailed writing on itlike an address?

If it is a W.Richadson, I have no info on it... sorry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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