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shotgunning in Spain or Italy?

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Has anyone gone bird hunting in either country? I have to get over there every other year or so for work, and I would love to able to bird hunt there at least once. Please, no songbird hunting references. Just kidding. No I'm not.
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Hi Birdbrained,

Never been myself, but the Spanish really do treat their 'Wing Shooting' very seriously indeed. Like here in England, it is pretty much split down the middle. Half do the 'grass roots' shooting over dogs by walking the terrain, others (the more 'elite' social important folk) will go on driven days. I have been told it is not unusual for a team of 8 guns to drop in excess of 800 birds in a day, pretty heavy going.

As for the quarry itself, I would think that it is mainly partridge and doves...

As a footnote, I recently read that the Pheasant is Chinese in origin, never knew that......

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