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This may be a stupid question… but I am curious to know how this works.

If a barrel is chambered for multiple length shells (ie 2 3/4'', 3'', 3 1/2''), then presumably the inner barrel diameter is it's actual size at the point of the largest shell size (ie 3 1/2'') thereby acting like a shell stop. Now if a smaller shell size is used (ie 2 3/4''), I would assume this would leave a gap between the end of the shell and the 'stop' (3/4'' in this example).

My question is… does this affect performance in any way or cause a potentially dangerous situation? Is there any possibility of the bullet hitting the 'stop' and causing damage to the barrel?

Has any manufacturer considering using some sort of a 'choke' on the receiver end of the barrel to match the barrel to the dimension of the shell? If you are shooting 3 1/2'' you can put in a receiver choke that has the stop at 3 1/2''. If you are shooting 2 3/4'', you can put in a receiver choke that has a stop at 2 3/4''. It just seems like a logical solution to me. Of course, this would not be beneficial to somebody who wants to shoot various size ammo without having to modify their gun. I have never done that.. so I don't know if this is common practice or not?
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