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A short time back i was awakened during the night by gunshots.
To my surprise the neighbors were getting 'hit and run'.
Thanks to my tactical training i quickly got my gun and inspected the situation. The thugs left in a hurry. I feel lucky to this day that i did not have to use my gun that night. However i am greatful that i had the training to defend my home if needed.

Anyone else had similar expierences??

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not shots fired with me, just a really close encounter.

i was visiting my family in oklahoma at the time. i did not think it was legal to fly with guns at the time, so i didn't bring anything of mine. my brother always lets me borrow most of his guns when i go to visit anyway. he hardiy ever gets to shoot and usually lets me take all but one of his guns down to hollis (southwest corner) oklahoma, where the rest of my family lives. my wife and i usually go shooting in the dry red river bed.

my wife is a big wolf/coyote lover, and i usually drive her down to the river at about midnight or so for her to hear them. we weren't having any luck there, so my grandma reccomended we go find a place to park in gould, a small town about 12 miles away with a population around maybe 800 or less people. she said they are almost always around the edges of town howling when it gets late. so we set out that night about 12 for gould. we had a difficult time trying to find a place to park, but eventually settled on the gould first baptist church parking lot. it is well lit, and not suspicious looking or anything. the first night we sat there for abotu 30 mins. we didn't hear anything, but drew the attention of the neighborhood dogs. we gave up and headed home.

we returned the next night, and stayed about 15 to 20 minutes. there were more dogs running loose and a few barked at us. not wanting to disturb sleeping folks, we left.

the next night we returned for one last shot. we had been armed all 3 mights, but had been shooting ealier that day, so we had a total of 5 guns in my grandpa's small little s10 pickup. behind the seat were two .22 rifles. up front we had my bro's p95, a bersa .380, and a security six. it's not legal to just be riding aorund with them loaded, but the law really isn't really something you have to worry about out there. anyhow, we got there. it was awfully quite. no dogs or cats in sight. after about a minute i leaned over to my wife and commented on how weird it was, to which she agreed. i was just getting a terrible feeling, but i didn't want to alarm my wife so i kept it to myself. i had drawn the bersa .380 from it's ankle holster and placed it in my lap. it was loaded and chambered with federal hydra shocks. about 5 seconds after i put it in my lap, my wife starts yelling "oh god, get out of here." i dumbly replied "what is it" when i should have just went. she yelled again "just go!" i started the truck and shifted. i didn't care what gear i hit, i just wanted to get moving. well, much to my dumb luck, i hit neutral. the engine reved loudly and we sat there. i hear my wife say "he's got a gun" while i am trying to shift to drive. that's when i first got a glance of him. a man had emerged from an abandoned house accros from us and walked across the road toward us. he was dressed in a full firefighters outfit (hat too), and carrying what appeared to be a single shot 12 ***** over his shoulder. i hit drive and punched it. as we were speading off, he was lowering and shouldering the gun to aim at us. when we started to move, he was about 6 feet from the car on my wife's side. we both ducked down untill we were about 2 blocks away. i turned the head lights on then (didn't have time or interest to do so before) and then turned onto the highway to head back to hollis.

at first thought it might have been someone who had seen us park there the two nights before who felt somehow threatened by us, but i just couldn't see how it was justifiable for anyone to sneakingly aproach an inconspicuous carminding it's own business parked in a well lit area, armed with apparent intent to shoot first and ask questions later. i began to figure that it was just some lunatic. who else would be hiding in an abandon house past midnight in a full fire fighters outfit?

when we got back to hollis, i told our account to some of my family and friends. my friends mom was interested in the story. she knew who it was immediately. i went to school with the guy & almost faught him a couple of times. he had been kicked out of the army and is apprently on some kind of drugs now. he had tried to run my friend's sister and kids off the road late one night, and has been caught (and nearly shot) by several farmers while he was snooping around their property in full army camo. here is the kicker too, he had been seen in the firefighter suit sneaking around town as well. he gets away with it all since his father is a deputy there.

i don't know what his intensions were with approaching us like that. i wonder if it was just a joke to him, and if it was i wonder if he knew how close he came to being shot. i have ran a lot of "what if's?" through my head since that night. i think about what might have happened if my wife hadn't spotted him when she did, of if he had approached my side instead of her's.

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One time I was at my wife's sisters and thought I would enjoy the beautiful evening with a walk up there road along the river. As I neared a neighbor's farm nestled into a woodsy bank along the road, I noticed a man hiding behind a stack of hay bales. As I approached the farm, I realized that my presence was undetected. I surveyed the man looking down the road in the direction I was heading, acting quite suspiciously. I got withing 20 yards of him when he heard me kick a stone or something and it startled him which prompted him to run towards the decrepit farm house I assumed he lived in, though I could not figure out how as there was a large hole in the roof and most of the windows were broke out.

Once inside I could hear him screaming loudly. Though I could not make out exactly what he was saying I got the impression that he was warning me to stay off his property, which I had no intention of invading.

I continued about my way and perhaps 300-400 yards up the road I decided to turn back. As I neared the farm place for a second time, I did so wioth caution. I spied the windows of the house looking for movement and paid close attention to the stack of hay bales that provided cover for the person on my first pass through the area. I could not see him anywhere, and his yellig had stopped. This made me nervous, because at this point I had no idea where he was. As I walked past the hay bales, there he was, crouched down behind them again. Although this time as I passed, he did not run - he just crouched there peeking from around the bales. This made me very uncomfortable and I hurried my pace to return to my in-laws house.

As I neared their driveway, my sister's brother and family pulled in so after they emptied the car, Curt and I drove up the road toward the farm house as I explained to him what had happened. When we arrived at the hay bales, he was there, still crouching and peering from behind them.

We returned to my sister-in-law's. I explained the situation to Tom (my brother-in-law who had lived there for years). He explained that the people that lived there died and their son (who lived with them) inherited the place. He also explained that their death had taken it's toll on the young man's sensibilities and he developed some psychological "quirks".

As he was explaining this a Sheriff's car pulled into Tom's driveway, another posted on the road just 50 yards or so up the road to stop traffic. The deputy who parked in the driveway came to the house and warned everyone to stay inside and retire to the basement if possible. Tom walked up the road to speak to the deputy on the road. He explained that the man at the farm was shooting at cars driving by! They ended up taking him into custody and he wound up in a mental institution.

Too close for me....
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