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Does anyone have any good info on reloading shtoshells? I have found myself shooting more and more shotguns and would like to be able to load my own shells for both saving money, and custom tayloring my loads.

So, any reloading experts here?


-Kevin M. Smith

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(2/7/03 9:28:30 am)
Re: Shotshell reloading
I'm by far no expert on reloading, but I have put together a couple of thousand rounds. I reload my own clays shells, non-tox for waterfowl, and looking to replicate a duplex load for turkeys.

What info are you looking for?

Used Mecs are a great value, free loading manuals can be found at any store that carries the powders, and if they are in short supply where you are there are several online companies....Gamaliel's ( and Ballistic Products Inc ( are two that sell supplies.

The major companies have offered a good promo shell, the ones that come 4-boxes to a carton for about $14.88 at WalMart. Several folks are using these even in competition instead of reloading, when you factor in the cost of your time these are a good deal.
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(2/7/03 2:47:11 pm)
Reply Re: Shotshell reloading

Reloading is for me great fun, you should deffinately try it. One thing that you should keep in mind though is Don't mix up components. mixing primers and wads you can get into trouble real quickly. Not so much in light target loads but if you load heavy hunting loads switching components for convienance sake can shoot your pressures over the limit in a hurry.

most shotgun clubs carry/sell lots of good components and will supply you with reliable information.

Good Luck, Joe

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(2/7/03 4:33:31 pm)
Reply Shotshell reloading
Thanks for the replies. I'm mostly looking to be loading 1.75" 00 buck. I guess the starting point is finding a good press. Any recommendations?


-Kevin M. Smith

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(2/7/03 9:05:52 pm)
Reply press
If you are going to put together 00 buck 2.75 loads, any of the single stage presses should do fine and not be very much money. Most of the reloading companies offer a basic single stage press. I would look at the nearest store that carries reloading goodies and see what is available, beats needing say an RCBS widget and having to either wait or next day air ship because the store carries another brand.

The other option is to do what I did and pick up a used single stage with all sorts of goodies for $40. The powder measure/trickler alone was worth that. They turn up in the paper, on the net, and even on the bulletin boards at the club.
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