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side by side

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i have a charles daly side by side made in spain. bought in 1991.sometimes fires second sometimes not. dryfire left barrel pull trigger right barrel dryfires three times in a row. hunting fire left barrel, right barrel does not fire. dryfire right barrel pull trigger left barrel does not fire.hit stock on floor left barrel fires.did they make double barrels that second barrel does not fire second from recoil from first shot?
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Pull the stock on it and use some Gun Scrubber on the innards. Oil it up and I think you ailments will be over. Your gun probably has the inertia trigger mechanism instead of the mechanical. It requires recoil to set the second barrel. A bump on the floor will also set the second barrel after the first has been dry fired.

The gun needs a little TLC.
Single trigger doubles. Bah!
single trigger. and i cleaned real good.
I'm sorry but I cannot understand some of your first post - for example, what does "hunting fire left barrel, right barrel does not fire" mean?

Do you have a selective trigger?

What happens if you dryfire (using snap caps, of course!) RIGHT barrel and then try LEFT?

What happens when you fire a live shell in the RIGHT barrel and then try to fire the LEFT?

If in the first case the left does not fire, but it does in the second case, then you have an inertia trigger. You should be able to mimic the live shell by dryfiring the R barrel, hitting the stock on the floor and then the left should fire.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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